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Domain name providers

The best known place to purchase a domain name is GoDaddy, but they may not be your best choice. Some customers feel that their customer service is lacking. They complain about websites being shut down with no warning, based on a suspicion of spamming or some other infraction. Although some of these customers eventually get their websites back up within a few weeks or months, this unsavory practice can easily have the effect of closing down a site forever.

Unfortunately, there are no “internet police” out there to protect us from spammers and flim flam men. And it’s noteworthy that GoDaddy is trying to offer some protection for the public. But their implementation is sorely lacking. They are acting as judge and jury. But they cannot give prompt service or the necessary time to resolve each case fairly.

Then there’s the mysterious problem of domain name hijacking. This is where you are thinking about purchasing a domain name, research it on the GoDaddy site, and fail to purchase it immediately. You come back the next day to purchase the name, and it has already been snapped up.

Apparently, there are people who have managed to camp out on the GoDaddy site, using third party automation programs. They manage to spy on others, and grab the domain names that their fellow surfers don’t purchase fast enough. Some of these people are hoping that you will purchase the domain from them at an inflated price!

You have so many choices when it comes to finding a domain registrar. You don’t have to stick with GoDaddy, or any company that implements unsavory practices. One of the best registrar services, which is reasonably priced, is Namecheap. They are quick, efficient, and there are no unusual problems with them.

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