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Unlimited Bandwidth Defined

What, exactly, do the hosting companies mean when they say they offer unlimited bandwidth hosting?

Just a decade or two ago, this was not such a common term.  Hosting plans were described in terms of how many gigabytes of bandwidth your visitors would have access to, before you exceeded the limit for your site.  The problem was — nobody could really picture the size of a gigabyte.  And seeing the gigabyte limits for online storage, for bandwidth usage, etc. was all too confusing.

Nowadays, most internet hosting claims to provide unlimited bandwidth.  While the term “unlimited bandwidth” is far from accurate, it does help to make clients feel more secure and more comfortable with their hosting plan.

In actuality, if your website became a superstar overnight, and you were using tons of bandwidth, the hosting company would most likely ask you to upgrade your plan to something more expensive.  However, if you were actually receiving superstar volumes of traffic, and were capitalizing on that traffic, then you surely wouldn’t complain about paying a little more each month.

Most hosting companies provide all the bandwidth that most people will ever need, and so this never really becomes much of an issue.  They also serve us without demanding that we sign long term contracts (usually).  It’s in their best interests to keep their customers happy.  So it’s basically a win-win situation for everybody.

Now that you have some understanding of this issue, please make sure that you research your hosting provider to some extent before jumping into a business partnership with them.  If they have tons of happy customers, then you will probably be fine.  But if they have tons of complaints, then buyer beware is the rule!  You will find different definitions of unlimited bandwidth hosting from one provider to the next, and it’s one of the things to keep in mind.

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  • Will

    Hi, What do you mean “May be reprinted using RSS…”. What’s RSS? Sorry I am new at all this.

    • admin

      You can reprint the articles here, as long as you credit the author and this site. There’s a way to use an RSS reader and have articles put in it automatically, if you wish. Then you can go through them and decide which ones you want. Hope that helps.

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