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Hosting Report Card

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On this site, you will find some simple steps and guidance for setting up your first website.

You should find the articles here to be exceptionally clear, simple, and easy to follow.

Make sure you choose the right Web Hosting company.   The term “unlimited bandwidth” can mean different things, depending on which company you ask.  I have a Hostgator reseller account, just so I can have 20 or more websites and manage them easily.  I pay a total of $30 per month.

You will want a simple user interface (web hosting panel) for making future changes to your sites.  They should also provide constant reliability (no crashes), and excellent customer service.

For most people, the best hosting company will be either Hostgator or InMotion.  One of the best places to buy your domain name is NameCheap.

Finally, please check out our Amazon Quick Guide section for additional resources.  You will see some useful tools that you might find valuable, or you can search the Amazon website directly for the exact item you need.


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